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School application documents

Uni-edit provides a reliable and quality English editing service to students and researchers who are preparing their application for studies at a university or higher education institution. We understand that often applications have strict submission deadlines so we will be sure to return the completed documents to you before an agreed deadline.



application essays


degree certificates

Reference letters

Statements of Purpose

Personal statements

Research proposals

PhD research plans

Curriculum Vitaes


Design and art portfolios

Grant applications


English editing service and fees

You may choose from one of the packages below to suit your needs and budget.


Budget Service

Standard Service

Premium Service


English editing

English editing

English editing


Native-speaker of English with a background in your subject area

Native-speaker of English with a background in your subject area

Native-speakers of English with a background in your subject area

Number of editors

1 editor

1 editor

2 different editors

Multi-round editing

1 round of editing only

Yes – one extra round after you revise the editor’s work

Yes – two extra rounds after you revise the editor’s work

comments and opinions from editor

CHECK comments to clarify meaning

CHECK comments to clarify meaning

CHECK comments and IDEA comments on how to improve the content of your documents

Research requirements for document content




Typical turnaround times

2 to 4 days

2 to 4 days for each round

2 to 5 days for each round

Minimum fee





US$5.50 per 100 words

US$8.00 per 100 words

US$10.00 per 100 words

Sample of real work

click for sample

click for sample

click for sample

Example of fee calculation

You have three files for English editing: a cover letter, a statement of purpose (SOP), and a resume (CV).
The total word count is 250 words + 800 words + 350 words = 1400 words. You choose the Standard Service.

The fee is $8.00/100 x 1400 = $112.00
Credit card fee 3% = 112 x 0.03 = $3.36
Total fee = US$115.36

*Sales tax is payable in some regions and not shown in this example

Translation services

Uni-edit also offers translation services for school application documents and other personal documents. We can translate from your language into fluent English. Please email your documents to receive a quotation.

Essay modification for applying to different universities

Applying to more than one university? Your application documents for each university might be similar. For example, your essays might need only slight modification for the other universities. Uni-edit can help you modify the application documents for other universities. There is additional fee for this service, however it is at a discounted rate. When you email us your documents, please explain you editing needs for applying to various universities.

Turnaround times and urgent service


Smooth native English by subject-matter specialists

Writing in fluent English is challenging for non-native speakers. Writing in academic English that is suitable for your application documents is even more challenging. For this reason, Uni-edit editors are all native speakers and each has an academic, scientific or research background. This ensures that your edited documents follow the conventions of modern academic or scientific English writing.

Uni-edit’s team of specialized editors enjoy their work because by improving the language or your documents they assisting you in your career and building the expertise in their field of research.


Style of English: US, UK, Canada, Australia

The Uni-edit team can write in US, UK, Canadian and Australian styles of English depending on your preference or the requirement of your university. Let us know with your order.

Content IDEAS comments (Premium Service only)

Need help improving the content and ideas in your documents? Choose the premium service, which includes the Content IDEAS service. The purpose of a Content IDEA comment is to provide you with fresh insight into the content of your document. The IDEAs will suggest ways you can make your document more interesting, logical, compelling or targeted for the course you are applying for.

When reviewing Uni-edit’s work, you can consider each comment in light of the overall purpose of your document then decide whether you would like to make a change to the text.

Inquiries, quotations, and orders

You are encouraged to write and explain to us your needs and concerns for your application or applications in detail. Uni-edit is then more able to satisfy your requirements.


For an exact quotation, please send all your documents and a completed quotation request form.

We will reply promptly with any questions we have about your order and a quotation in email. The quotation is provided free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed. We will proceed with the work only after receiving your instruction to proceed. Typically the final price is the same as the quotation. If for any reason the price should differ, we will contact you beforehand to discuss the situation with you.

Start the work

We will only commence the translation or editing work after receiving your written confirmation and agreement to the quotation and job specification. Once the agreement has been made, Uni-edit is committed to complete the work on time. Also, we can accept your last-minute revisions to your documents after the work has started, however additional fees will apply.

Payment terms and methods

Payment is typically required before work begins. However, where you provide sufficient identification with your order, payment within 7 days of you receiving the completed work may be allowed.

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