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Editing Services and Fees


Journal manuscripts, conference papers, research reports, articles, technical reports, abstracts, presentations, books, book chapters, monographs, websites, and other scientific, academic and technical texts


Service quality

  • Fix grammar and focus on clarifying the author's meaning
  • Native-speaker Editors from USA, UK, Canada
  • Editors with subject specialization who understand your research
  • Edit main text, title, headings, abstract, figures, tables, references, supporting materials
  • Choose the level that suits your needs and budget
  • Two-Editor process for extra thoroughness (Level 2 and up)


Step 1: Choose an editing level

 Service  Editing performed Result Rate
English Editing Level 1 Punctuation, spelling, grammar, basic conjunctions and phrasing No obvious mistakes S$6.70/100 words

English Editing Level 2

Level 1 + sentence structuring and consistencies Like a native-speaker S$8.00/100 words
English Editing Level 3 Level 2 + Paragraph and document structure, argument formation and advanced phrasing Like a native-speaker proficient in your field of study S$9.80/100 words
English Rewrite

For poorly written papers

 Turns stone into gold S$11.00/100 words

To see a comparison of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 editing, click comparison. Can't decide between Level 2 and Level 3? Watch this video for guidance.

Step 2 (optional):

Choose one or more additional services.

Option Service  Additional fee
Target Tutor Ideas of how to improve English usage and writing style. Sample +S$3.00 per 100 words
Content Ideas Ideas of how to improve the content of the paper. Sample +S$3.00 per 100 words
Formatting to journal guidelines Adjustment of layout and formatting to match your target journal for submission, and optionally the correction of in-text citations and the reference section. +S$60/hour
Journal Selection Service The Uni-edit team can help you choose which journals to target for publishing your paper. +S$200 to +S$650


Editing Fee


The fee is determined by the word count of the document, and the services you choose for the document. Students attract a discount.

Example: A journal paper of 3000 words for Level 2 editing and Target Tutor:
Cost per word: S$8.00 + S$3.00 = S$11.00
Number of words: 3000
Total Editing Fee: 3000/100 x S$11 = S$330.00


Editing Process


Journal Selection Service

The Uni-edit team can help you choose which journals to target for publishing your paper. You will receive a comprehensive report with suggested target journal clearly ranked. The analysis will take into account your current citations and references as well as each journal's impact factor and other publication statistics. By carefully choosing the journal that best matches for your research, your chances of being accepted for publication are increased, and you will likely publish sooner. The fee for the journal selection service typically ranges from US$150 to US$500, depending on the amount of investigation conducted by our team.


Method of payment

Payment by local bank transfer in en-australia or by credit card via PayPal (3% fee). Payment is due within 7 days of receiving your edited manuscript.