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If you don't want to read comments such as Would it be possible to get a native speaker to revise it?Åh for your manuscript, You should think Uni-edit. Thanks to their Services.

Dr. Yucel Tekin, Uludag University[Turkey]

I have just started using Uni-edit, a Taipei translation company, for my PhD dissertation recently. I think Uni-edit service is the best of all English editing services in the World.

J.Kim, PHD student Seoul National University [Korea]

I have been using Uni-edit, a Taipei translation company, for our manuscript since 2008. Manuscripts are under review, but the Uni-edit's service was excellent and helpful. I highly recommend it to those looking for an editing company.

T.Matsumoto, Professor, Nagano University[Japan]

I appreciate your Target tutor service. It is very helpful to me. Uni-edit is the best English editing company

PHD Student [Korea]

We are greatly satisfied with your PHD Dissertation English editing on civil engineering. We are most appreciative of your help with this important process, offering an additional 10% student discount.

M.Yamada, PHD Student [Japan]

I would like to thank you for the quick revision provided to our document.

Technical officer [France]

I always use professional service from Uni-edit for editing my manuscript.Ozy is very friendly.

K. Laoteng , Assistant[Thailand]

Uni-edit academic paper editing has been an excellent alternative for the correction of my manuscripts. These corrected articles has been qualified for their publication in renowned magazines of the electrochemistry area. I highly recommend it.

Professor, University of Tokyo [Japan]

I want to say once again how much I appreciated Uni-edit's unmatched professionalism in the past. I will be happy to appreciate it again even more in the future. All the best to you for a brighter and brighter future of your company.

Assistant Professor[Belgium]

I am very much pleased with Ozy's English editing services because his service feels like coming from a friend rather than an agent.

Shang-Hsien “Patrick” Hsieh, Professor

I have used Uni-edit for my manuscripts 3 times. Each manuscript has been published in a reputable journal, and Ozy's service was critical in helping me. I highly recommend it!

L.Liu, Assistant Professor [China]

Dear Uni-edit English journal editing service, I would like to inform you that the manuscript you've edited has just been accepted for publication in the Ecological Engineering. Thank you very much for your amazing job. I will send more manuscripts to you in the future.

P. Banaszuk , Professor, Poland

Last time I was very pleased that Ozy also suggested how to include the statistical test in the text of the paper. I had the idea that the editor really understood what my paper was about.

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore [Singapore]

I have been using Uni-edit for my manuscripts since last year, their academic paper editing was a great help, and the results was a publication in the best journals. I highly recommend using Uni-edit.

Bari Kaplan,Professor,Rabin Medical Center [Israel]

I have been using Uni-edit English editing service for more than two years. I am really satisfied with the editing work and correction of English. I also frequently use the Content Ideas service, which is very helpful. Thank you very much.

S.Nishiuchi Associate Professor, Tokyo University [Japan]

I used the Uni-edit service for the first time. I am very glad. The submission is easy, the information is clear; the price of the service is well established and not expensive. Ozy responds fast and kindly to my questions. The service response is at the established time (inclusively hours earlier than establish). I think the Uni-edit English editing service is the best option for us non-native English speaking authorsÅh

L.Ortiz, Assistant Professor ,Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana [Mexico]

Uni-edit English editing service is contributing to accelerate the publication process of my manuscripts and increasing the probability of acceptance. I have been recommending uni-edit to my friends and students.

K.Lee Professor[Korea]

Uni-edit English editing service is highly recommended for all high-quality research in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and virological drug research. Full compatibility with chemistry-containing articles in virology is certainly guaranteed with Uni-edit.

J.Kesel, University of Wurzburg, Germany

I just used Uni-edit for the first time for my manuscript last month. I am very excited after having my manuscript revised by Uni-edit, it was accepted by BBRC. Thank very much for Uni-edit's English journal editing. I highly recommend it. My second paper will also be sent for revising by Uni-edit in next few days.

N.Wang, Associate Professor Third Military Medical University [China]

After I asked Ozy to correct my English-written papers, I have had no claims on the English from the reviewers and editors of the Materials Science journals. Your service, speed, discounts, and contents really satisfy me. I have tried some academic English editing services, but Ozy does the job.

A. Lee, Assistant Professor,Chinese Culture University [Taiwan]

We have used Uni-edit's English journal editing service for three manuscripts. We can select from three different editing levels.The editing was fast and definitely improved the flow of the paper, all of which have meanwhile been accepted.

Professor, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

I have asked Uni-edit English editing service to improve the English of our recent two papers. One of them was accepted to J. Mol. Biol. and the other one is likely to be accepted by another good journal. Ozy's service was very helpful for our publications.

M.Yamazaki , Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology [Japan]

I tried the first time submission for the English proofreading of accepted paper of my journal. Especially the Target Tutor would be very helpful to author. The service was very excellent. I am very satisfied with the result for my first trial. I would like to submit another papers continuously.

S. Huh [Korea]

Great service for non-native English writing authors! Since I have started to use the Uni-edit English manuscript editing services my papers are smoothly accepted in respected journals. The editing service helps me to formulate my ideas in more clear and straight forward way and to eliminate common grammatical errors. Moreover, the results are delivered in time and for very reasonable price. I highly recommend it!

J. Langhammer, Professor Czech Republic

The day before yesterday I received the results of your revising work on my manuscript for the first time.I am satisfied with everything. Price is also reasonable. Therefore, now I would like to request you to review another manuscript

T. Takamura Assistant Professor, Osaka University [Japan]

I have been using Uni-edit since 2008 for my manuscripts being published in peer-reviewed international journals with high impact factors and, as a non-native English speaker from the Asian countries, I feel very comfortable to reuse this service.

Associate Professor [Thailand]

We used the Uni-edit after a recent manuscript was returned with one reviewer mentioning rough English. After comparing rates of other edit services, we used Uni-edit due to their reasonable pricing. We were very satisfied with the English journal editing service of Uni-edit and were glad that we could mention in the reply letter to the editor that we used Uni-edit in order to solve the language problem. No futher complaints regarding language were made and the paper is now accepted. Thank you Uni-edit!

R. Faranda Professor ,Italy

Again, thank you very much for your excellent english manuscript editing! I like all the detail and the comments to help make it clear. Uni-edit is a Taipei translation company, so it's convenient to communicate with them.

Professor at National Taiwan University

Speedy, efficient, correctly and kindly services are the most impression on Uni-edit English editing service for me. I had submitted my manuscript to journal for reviewing, and this article had been accepted for publication. Thanks Uni-edit for helping me to resolve the writing English problems. Your CHECk comments are useful.I am very glad that I can introduce Uni-edit to my colleagues.

E. Timofeeva, Professor, Finland

Thank you for editing my manuscript so quickly. Very good! I will be sending you another manuscript soon.I am so happy that I found Uni-edit academic paper editing service.

L.Lee. Assistant Professor [China]

Clear ideas and good experiments need to be expressed in pristine written English. Uni-edit helped me to close that gap with precision and agility. I am really satisfied with the service you offer. Uni-edit is a great Taipei translation company.

S. Kim,Professor Korea

My thesis has been very well revised. I would really thank Ozy for his important support. Your professional level is very high.

Masters Student[Italy]

Very short revision time with accurate and concise remarks and with very favorable prices! This combination is excellent starting point for publishing in the prestige scientific journals. I truly recommend Uni-edit English manuscript editing for all non native English-speaking scientists. I will use it again certainly!

Tanja Vukov, Professor, Institute for Biological Research, Serbia

For us, that are not English-speaking natives, a service such as the English journal editing offered by Uni-edit, is of extraordinary importance. At least we know that our paper will not be rejected for being a badly written paper.

O. Rojas, Assistant [Mexico]

Your journal editing has helped us a great deal in our journal submission process. Some of your edited papers have already been accepted for publication. I would like to thank you again for your professional help.

Assistant Professor

Uni-edit is a Taipei translation company which I used for the first time in september 2009.When I sent an email asking about their services, their chief editor Ozy replied to me very quickly.The revision of the manuscript was rapid and very well executed. It permitted the acceptance of our paper without additional corrections. I am now submitting to Uni-edit another manuscript. Without any doubts, I will recommend Uni-edit to my colleagues.

K. Fan , Assistant Taiwan

Uni-edit makes non native speakers of English to feel more confident when submitting a paper to English or American journals. My paper was accepted for publication in a highly competitive journal after having used the Uni-edit English manuscript editing services.

G. Japer, Professor, China

I have used Uni-edit English editing once for a manuscript. I got a comment for this manuscript from a reviewer saying: ... overall it is precisely written and clear..... I would like to say Uni-edit is very helpful in assisting my English writing. I highly recommend Uni-edit.

Assistant, Kyushu University , Japan

I think there are many English editing companies, but many are too complicated and expensive. However,Uni-edit supplies us only fundamental service, correcting English, with very reasonable price. Their works are very accurate and fast, so I strongly recommend using Uni-edit!

Y.Oshima, Professor, Tohoku university [Japan]

As non-native English speaker, Uni-edit provided me a good opportunity to finalize my thesis and resolve language mistakes. Uni-edit supplied a very professional service. Work is carried out precisely and in time. I'll definitely recommend your Masters Thesis English editing services to friends .

Masters Student, Vrije Universiteit Brussels [Belgium]

I am completely satisfied with your academic paper editing. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

K.Takano, Professor Ritsumeikan University[Japan]

I would like to say thank you for your academic paper translation service handling my order nicely every time.

Assistant Professor, waseda University[Japan]

I like the way you work. It is fast and the reviews are very useful. I have already recommended your site to several friends.Uni-edit offers the best Masters Thesis English editing service in the world.

A.Lanas, Masters Student [Spain]

I would like to recommend this web site for three major reasons: first, it has fair prices in compare to other similar sites; second, they perform editing compatible to the author's request; third, you can count on them 100% to deliver on time a professional edited paper. Uni-edit is one of the greatest English editing company.

M. Cohen , Professor [United States]

I have been using Uni-edit for my last 4 manuscripts since June 2008. Before to explain my opinion I have waited that two of them were accepted for publication in IEEE journals. This service is very important for corrections and comments that cleared and improved the understanding of the manuscript. I highly recommend this English editing service. Thanks a lot, Ozy!

R.Faranda Assistant Professor, USA

really appreciate very much his help on editing my English articles and am glad to recommend his services to you without reservation.

Shang-Hsien “Patrick”Hsieh, Professor

I used Uni-edit academic paper editing service for the first time. I totally consented to every revision and suggestion in a manuscript. I am satisfied with their service and I will choose your English editing service after this. Thank you for your help.

J.Kesavan, Professor[India]

I have been using Uni-edit for my manuscripts since spring 2009. Each manuscript has been published very quickly, and the Uni-edit English editing service has been of good help to me. I am satisfied with the fast processing of the manuscripts to a very resonable cost. I highly recommend Uni-edit!

E. Hultcrantz Assistant Professor Sweden

Taipei Translation company Uni-edit, their service is not only correcting basic grammar and spelling mistakes but also takes a deep consideration of the scientific contents by allocating respective experts to my submitted manuscripts. Those sincere suggestions and criticisms helped us to sharpen and upgrade our writing style and also to improve the overall presentation of our results in the most appropriate way. I therefore recommend the service to all non-native English speakers - its worth its price !!

Y.Kuo, Professor [Taiwan]

Thank you for your proofreading.I'm so relieved to have you revise my English document.Your job is speedy. I have no inquiry about the revised document. I promise to use your English manuscript editing service again.

Professor [Italy]

I submitted my paper to your office. I received the revised paper very soon. I found your team had done the job with professionalism and efficiency. Ozy explained to me very kindly about their service. Uni-edit is a great Taipei translation company.

M.Chen, Professor [Taiwan]

The editors of Uni-edit work very well and quickly. And their Check comments are very helpful foe us. I'm satisfied with their work. I will always use their English journal editing from now on.

Associate Professor [France]

I think that manuscript has been carefully revised. We very much appreciate your service. Thanks again for your fantastic English editing service. With my best wishes.

Professor[Hong Kong]

Uni-edit provides me a fantastic experience: professional revisions to language errors, considerate suggestions to my language usage, patient and prompt response to my inquiries. There are three editing levels plus other optional services. The payment is also very competitive. My paper was accepted shortly after being revised by Uni-edit. I benefit much from Uni-edit academic paper editing and highly recommend it.

W. Wu, Assistant Professor, China

Many thanks for you academic paper translation. It will be very helpfull for me.

K. YILDIZ Professor,[Turkey]

Thanks a lot for your professional editing help. I do like your service, especially the target tutoring.

Kung- Juin Wang

We thank you very much for your excellent English editing. My paper is now under peer review in a high-profile journal.

A.Lee, Assistant Professor, Chinese Culture University [Taiwan]

We very much appreciate your paper translation service. Thanks again for your fantastic service. With my best wishes.

Associate Professor [Hong Kong]

I tried Uni-edit English journal translation for my article and was very impressed by the speed at which they translated my text and send it back to me. I received it within 72 hours.I am very pleased with their services.

A.Huang, Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University [Taiwan]

Uni-edit is a Taipei translation company that helps me to improve my manuscript. Their work is serious, and they are compromised to improve the way we communicate our results to scientific community. They have special care on the syntaxes of our document and it really changed for good. I was surprised when I finish with the suggested correction, because the document looked so different and professional.

N. Galindo-Sevilla ,Assistant Professor [Mexico]

Uni-edit academic paper translation service is a very helpful service. I was 100% satisfied when I got my translated paper back. Price was also not so expensive.Recommended to everyone!

H.Takeda, Professor, Gakushuin University,Japan

Uni-edit has definitely helped us improve the quality of our papers and easily fulfill the journals requirements. By using Uni-edit English manuscript editing services our acceptance rate increased significantly and we strongly recommend this service not only to people with language problems but to anybody who wants to to have his papers professionally reviewed before submission.

M.Fathallah, Professor, Institute Pasteur of Tunis [Tunisia]

I am an assistant professor and I needed someone to translate my paper immediately. I searched and found on internet Uni-edit paper translation service. Ozy was very friendly and he accepted my request to finish translation in 3 days. Uni-edit is a wonderful company.

Professor, Rikkyo University, Japan

Last time I was very pleased that Uni-edit also suggested how to include the statistical test in the text of the paper. I had the idea that the editor really understood what my paper was about. I recommend their English editing service.

M.Vidal, Assistant Professor[France]

With the help of Taipei Translation company Uni-edit,our MS has been published in a famous international journal, Thanks!

S. Liu ,Professor[China]

We have received our revised-document from Uni-edit. Thank you very much for your service. It is true that the quality of Uni-edit is fantastic. Certainly, Uni-edit is the best English editing company.

K.Tanaka, Associate Professor ,Keio University[Japan]

Uni-edit English manuscript editing service is absolutely professional. I recommend it to any non-native English speaking author who wants to increase chances of manuscript acceptance. They are also nice and kind when corresponding with customers.

Mario Almeida Professor, Brazil

I used Uni-edit academic paper editing for the first time in March 2008 when one manuscript was rejected by a journal editor because of the language problem. I have been using Uni-edit to correct all of our manuscripts before submission. It is quite good for us!

K.Wu, Proffessor ,Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics [China]

This was my first time using the Uni-edit English editing service. The manuscript had gone through two revisions based on the reviewers' feedback. The line-by-line editing by the Uni-edit editor pointed out many grammatical errors that I couldn't have been sure about, no matter how I had tried. It was also useful for the Uni-edit editor, who may not be exactly in my field of studies, to comment on the readability of the manuscript. I will see what the reviewers and editor have to say about this revision. Overall, I am satisfied with the improved manuscript.

Professor [Japan]

Just wish to tell you that I have successfully completed my PhD. I have received some excellent comments on the style and flow of my professional writing. In fact, I have to pass all these credits to you. You PHD dissertation English editing service is just what I needed.

PhD Student of Political Science

We are very pleased with the English journal translation service that the Uni-edit provides. The translation is done very fast and carefully.Their service is better than any other translation company.

H.Huynh, Assistant Professor [Singapore]

It's the second time I use Uni-edit. The first one was successful and after many years of comments like language needs revision or grammar is awful.. no comments were made on the manuscript which was later accepted.

Fabio F Univ of Modena [Italy]

Your journal editing has helped us a great deal in our journal submission process. Some of your edited papers have already been accepted for publication. I would like to thank you again for your professional help.

Assistant Professor

I have been using Uni-edit English journal editing for my manuscripts since October 17,2008.My manuscript has been accepted by Research in Microbiology. Uni-edit's service was critical in helping me. The reviewer said that the manuscript has undergone a significant improvement in the language and suitable for publication.

Professor, Nanjing Agricultrual University [China]

I just moved to use Uni-edit for my manuscripts reviews in mid 2009 and already have two articles accepted in reputable journals. Their English manuscript editing is speedy and critical for those whose first language is not English, with an additional good feature of relatively low pricing.Thanks Ozy!

M.Kaneko, Assistant Professor [Japan]

Again, thank you very much for your excellent english manuscript editing! I like all the detail and the comments to help make it clear. Uni-edit is a Taipei translation company, so it's convenient to communicate with them.

Professor at National Taiwan University

Thank you so much for the wonderful English editing of all the chapters. I am grateful for your care and attention, and everything's in good shape.

Assistant professor

I have used Uni-edit academic paper editing whenever I submitted my manuscript to a high level of SCI jounals. It is very helpful in terms of speed, quality, and price. I highly recommend it.

K.Kim, Professor [Korea]

Thank you very much for helping me with the translation. My paper is now ready to submit. Thanks again for the outstanding academic paper translation service.

Professor [Germany]

Corrected text looks much better than earlier. To my opinion, the most difficult thing in writing the english text is style and grammar. You are doing good job, and I'm going to use Uni-edit's PHD Dissertation English editing service again in future.

A.Anisimov, PHD Studemt [Finland]

I have used the Uni-edit academic paper editing service once. English is a foreign language for me. I am really satisfied with the jobs that were made in our manuscripts by Uni-edit because the suggestions represented an opportunity to exhibit our research results as clearly as possible. Improvement in the manuscripts made it easily to understand and able to be published in a good Journal. We warmly recommend Uni-edit service.

B.Vanetti, Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil

Professional, financially attractive, and on time; that's all such service is expected to be ? and Uni-edit really is. Many thanks.

G. A. Eller, Professor, University of Vienna [Austria]

I had been using a couple of editing services before I encountered Taipei translation company Uni-edit. Now I totally rely on them. I recognize that all in all, Uni-edit's editing strikes a good balance between respecting author's original intention and providing correct English usage.

Professor [Taiwan]

I am a medical doctor in Seoul, Korea. I have experienced several companies for editing my paper. However, the Uni-edit service is the greatest one in editing and Ozy is very kind. I recommend everyone to use their English journal editing service.

S.Han, Professor[Korea]

The service substantially improved readability and general impression of my manuscripts. I recommend the Taipei translation company Uni-edit to everyone. They are friendly, helpful and Price is reasonable.

L.Vohradsky, Professor, Inst. of Microbiology, Prague [Czech Republic]

I am satisfied for your high-quality English manuscript editing service. The document was checked very carefully. I would like to thank Ozy for checking my document.

T.Kiyama Professor, Kyoto University[Japan]

I was looking for a good English journal editing company like Uni-edit.The helpful remarks of Uni-edit gave us the possibility to submit a paper in a good language standard. The revision detects some repeatedly occurring mistakes and improves the language style of the authors. I can recommend it without any hesitation for publishing and acceptance of papers.

M. Foerster , Associate Professor ,Germany

Dear Uni-edit English editing service, I thought that your English correcting service was very excellent, fast and reasonable price, compared with domestic English correcting service. I highly recommend this English correcting service to my colleagues at my institute.

J. Sohn. Professor, Korea

Thank you for your prompt response. All the suggestions have been checked. The correction is very helpful... Again, thank you very much, and please, send me an invoice.

Y.Yamashita, Professor Tokyo University [Japan]

Although the draft of my thesis was somewhat unclear and had many grammatical errors, Uni-edit Masters Thesis English editing service improved its quailty surprisingly. I highly recommend this service to non-native english speakers even if you're good at english writing.

Masters Student, Keio University[Japan]

The time between requesting the edit and the completion exceeded my expectations. The quality of their English editing has exceeded my expectations and provided important feedback that will help me to improve my comprehensive exam without changing the tone of my paper.

Brian Rachmaciej, Doctoral Student [USA]

Thank you Ozy for your quick response to my questions regarding Uni-edit's English journal translation.

Researcher [Taiwan]

This is my first time to use Uni-edit academic paper editing. My manuscript returned just in 4 days, and it was accepted very soon!Thanks!

Daisuke W, Professor Aichi Medical University [Japan]

Many thanks for your revision to my manuscript, after your revision, my manuscript submitted to JAM was accepted for publication. I think the Uni-edit English manuscript editing service was critical in helping me. I will recommend it to my collegues!

H.Huang, Professor National Taiwan University [Taiwan]

I appreciate Uni-edit's follow-up service and the editing team for their detailed explanations to my questions. Also, their Target Tutor service was very helpful to me.

Masters Student[Korea]

I have received invaluable help from Uni-edit for 5 submissions. Thank to Uni-edit, I never get any rejection !!. I heartily recommend Ozy's English manuscript editing for all non-native English speakers.

C. Liang, Professor National Taiwan University, Taiwan

I have used Uni-edit service for the first time and my manuscript was accepted for the publication in a journal (TIMM C) in a short time. Thanks a lot. I recommend the Uni-edit, Taipei translation company ,for all authors, really.

Kenan YILDIZ, Sakarya University [Turkey]

I used Uni-edit for my English manuscript editing last September. The manuscript has been published in a highly respected journal (impact factor 10). Thank you for your help Ozy.


I found your academic paper translation service excellent and I plan to use your service again in future.

B. Chun , Professor [Korea]

Your academic paper editing is very professional and we appreciated it very much.

Head of Department

I used Taipei translation company Uni-edit for the first time. Excellent and fast service.I will definitely take your help for my future papers.

P.Shiraz, Associate Professor [Iran]

I found Uni-edit one of the easiest site which supports for editing academic script, especially useful for students who are pursuing doctoral course and worried about their publication. Uni-edit's PHD Dissertation English editing service is useful in many: inspiring the young scholar for their publication, giving advantange for improving language skill and above all Uni-edit is safe and cheap for students like me.

M. Kabir, PHD student, Japan

I recently discovered Uni-edit, Taipei translation company. After my first submission, I realized that this revision step should be considered as an essential step in the process of our future manuscripts. Uni-edit service is fast, professional and always improves the manuscripts.

Associate Professor Kyoto University , Japan

I used Uni-edit for the first time in August 2008 to polish up the language of a revised version of a manuscript. I was delighted with the fast and efficient English editing which really improved the flow, and especially liked the editors summary with the suggestions to ameliorate my writing in the future. I will recommend Uni-edit to my colleagues and will submit my next manuscript soon. Thanks.

G. Worheide ,Assistant, Germany

I have been using Uni-edit Masters Thesis English editing service since 2008 and I totally rely on this service. So far, I've had two of my thesis edited by Uni-edit.I'm sure I will keep using Uni-edit to improve my English writing. By the way, Ozy gave me a student discount too!

M. Gaburjakova, Masters Student, Slovakia

Your professionalism and attitude in research field make your Uni-edit service important in helping researchers giving significant improvement in the language respect to non- scientist mother-tongue.Great English journal editing service! I recommend Uni-edit service to all my colleague. Thank you!

Assistant Professor [Italy]

This is my second time to use Uni-edit service. My manuscript which was edited by Uni-edit was already accepted, so I am really satisfied and thank Uni-edit service. That's why I visit and use here again. I'll use Uni-edit English manuscript editing service again today.

Wang, Assistant [China]

In 2006 I sent a paper for publication and one of the referees made the following criticism: In general the quality of the written English is poor, colloquial, and verbose. It is not always possible to decipher the authors' meaningÅh. The paper was refused. I sent the same paper, after having it edited by Taipei translation company Uni-edit, to other Journal, and the editor said This paper is well written with good EnglishÅh. After that, I always send my papers to Uni-edit before submitting to a Journal.

A. Ribeiro-Silva Professor [Brazil]

Right now the service quality Uni-edit has is very professional. The fact that you gave me my reviewed paper after three days (an express service) is something that speaks about the confidence you have in the quality of your service. I will definitely recommend Uni-Edit English manuscript editing to my colleagues!

Professor, Osaka University [Japan]

Very useful PHD Dissertation English editing service for non English speakers. Recommended to every student.

M. Pilar Lostao, Professor ,Spain

In my experience, Uni-Edit editors tried to get the point of my sentences and paragraphs, and polish the article based on the point, instead of just from a grammatical view, improving the article readability.

Yuan- Sen Vincent Yang

I love Uni-edit's edital assistance, especially for a non English native research like me. Uni-edit is just like a magician making my manuscript more readable. They do not only offer editing services but also English journal translation.

Professor [Hong Kong]

I have been using Taipei translation company Uni-edit for my manuscripts since Feb 2009. My manuscript has been published in Science in China Series E, thanks for the Uni-edit service, I highly recommend it!

M.Kuo, Assistant Professor, China

I would like to recommend Uni-edit English journal editing for those who do not feel 100% confident about their written English. Instead of submitting papers / manuscripts with lots of grammatical errors or spending too much time correcting grammatical errors by yourself, I would strongly recommend getting help from the native speakers in Uni-edit. It's been very useful for my dissertation work.

E.Okada ,Professor, University of Kobe , Japan

I have received the manuscript and I am very satisfied with Uni-edit's Masters Thesis English editing. I think the manuscript has been considerably improved and I most certainly would recommend Uni-edit to my classmates. Once again thank you.

Masters Student,National Taiwan University [Taiwan]

Thank you very much for proofreading my manuscript in November 2008. I am impressed by the excellent editing of Uni-edit English editing service. I gained several insights that will be helpful in writing. The manuscript has successfully been accepted for publication by the best medical journal in my research field. I can therefore recommend Uni-edit as the best editing service provider ever.

H.Ono, Professor Tokyo University, Japan

Ozy has edited more than ten research papers for me. I am very satisfied with his work.

Shih-Chung ìJessyî Kang, Assistant Professor

We just used Uni-edit for the first time and were very happy with its service. It seems that our ms were reviewed by an expertise in our field, what made the results excellent!

S. Thomaz,Associate Professor [Brazil]

I first used the service for one of my manuscripts in Nov 2008 and was suprised by the professionality of the service. Well done! I will send my manuscript to Ozy for editing again ...

T. Walter,Associate Professor [Germany]

I have recently started using Uni-edit English editing for my manuscripts. They have made some valuable recommendations, in which the manuscript has really improved. The convenient way of uploading and the short time they need to edit a manuscript makes Uni-edit ideal to fine tune your manuscript before sending it to an journal. I highly recommend it!

E. Tan, Associate Professor, Radboud University [The Netherlands]

This was my first experience with the PHD Dissertation English editing service of Uni-edit, the suggestions, corrections and comments were clear and improved the understanding of the purpose of the manuscript.For postgraduate students whose mother language is not English, this kind of strategy is very important to increase their skills in the writing of their manuscripts for publication. I strongly recommend using Uni-edit's service.

Ximenez, PHD Student[Mexico]

I recommend uni-edit Masters Thesis English editing services to all non-English speaking scientists.My manuscript was edited with high professionalism and has recently been accepted for publication. Muchas Gracias Uni-edit!

Carlos Ortiz-Hidalgo, Masters student, Mexico

I have been using Uni-edit for my last manuscripts. After revision, English in the manuscript was really improved and the text clearer.

M. Francescato, professor [Italy]

I am almost new user of this English editing service. But since I met this good friend, Uni-edit, I have really satisfied at all my submissions. Now, in fact, this web site plays a critical role in improving my scientific story. This is the reason why I am strongly recommending this website to my friends.

Jae Youl Cho, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon [Korea]

My first experience with Uni-edit English manuscript editing was a great one: Ozy, the chief editor, was very helpful and he understands what I need. The service was fast, clean and straightforward. The editing was easy to follow and afterwards the text got a correct presentation. As a result, my manuscript was accepted by the Journal without a second round of editing. Thanks and I will keep using the Uni-edit service.

K. Kuki , Assistant Professor ,Brazil

I was expecting a good job from Uni-edit, but actually the job was excellent. As a result, my paper was accepted.

S.Dias, Professor [Brazil]

This is the first time I used Uni-edit academic paper editing service for my manuscript and I am very satisfied with their service. Before I decided to use Uni-edit, I wrote to Uni-edit many times and asked all kinds of questions. Ozy always replied very soon and answered clearly. After I submitted my manuscript, I received the revised submission in time. There is an interesting episode. Because of my carelessness, I made a mistake about the length of my paper and overpaid NT 1,200. To my surprise, Uni-edit refunded the money as soon as I told them about my mistake. I am really very appreciated for their honesty.

R.Yang, Professor Chinese Culture University [China]

I used Uni-edit English journal editing once and that paper has been accepted in a journal in Science Citation Expanded. Uni-edit helped me a lot. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

J.Lee, Professor [Korea]

The revision completely conveys my intended meaning. Thank you for your best service. Your Content Ideas service was also great!

Professor [Korea]

My experience with Uni-edit PHD Dissertation English editing service was the best. My PhD dissertation .I do consider Uni-edit a reliable editing service. I recommended it to my friends and some of them are going to send their PhD dissertation to you soon.

PHD student, D. Tiezzi [Brazil]

It was greatly helpful to find Uni-edit English editing service. I found that it is of higher quality in respect to the plain work of revision made by non specialized people. Moreover, It is not easy to find good editing services in Italy. The Uni-edit web based service has overcome this problem and has made submissions very fast and easy.Thanks Ozy!

Professor [Italy]

I have been using Uni-edit for my manuscripts since July 2009. I am very impressed by their English manuscript editing because it makes me confident in submission of our papers. Uni-edit helps me in language problems. Uni-edit is very punctual on correction. I highly recommend it! P. Thiravetyan,

Professor, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi [THAILAND]

I used Uni-edit Masters Thesis English editing service.My editor was fantastic. Since I am an international student, I needed help with wordiness, verb use and awkward sentences. Without changing my idea, the editor suggested correction and indicated were revision is necessary. He also offered better use of words suitable to academic papers. Very recommended.

Mirit E, Masters Student ,University of California [USA]

I was very content with the quality and speed of your English editing process, which left the original text meaning unchanged but provided a linguistic comfort-level that would be more difficult or (time)expensive to reach without your help.

M.Nagato, Associate Professor [Japan]

I took Uni-edit Masters Thesis English editing service for my first Thesis. I am really satisfied with the service. I have already informed some of friends about this service. Because of my satisfaction I have decided to take their service again and will continue as long as I am active in research.

Masters Student, Thailand

Before I started using Uni-edit English journal editing for my manuscripts, in every work I submitted the referees pointed problems with my written English. Since the moment I used the services of Uni-edit ,from about 1 year ago, the written English is not longer an issue, and one manuscript was accepted with out further revisions. I recommend Uni-edit services for everybody whose mother language is not English.

F. Amezcua ÅAAssistant Professor, Mexico

As a researcher and a physician, working in the highly specialized area of Neuro-ophthalmology, I really appreciated the professionalism of Uni-edit editors, contributing to improve my work. Their academic paper editing is great

N.Huong, Professor C.H.N.O. des XV-XX [France]

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A. Lee, Department of Chemistry

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Professor [Korea]

Uni-edit helped us to save my time. The service quality was more than we expected. We highly recommend it. I used their English journal translation. Next time We are going to try their editing service too.

E. Munoz , Associate Professor [Chile]

I am satisfied for Uni-edit's Chinese to English translations service. I would like to thank the people who translated my document. And I will introduce their service to my colleagues.

Professor [Hong Kong]

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PHD Student[Korea]

I used Uni-edit for the first chapter of my thesis last month. Now I feel more confident to present my theis at the end this month; as I am going to ask for the good quality check of Uni-edit for the rest of two chapters.

Ph.D. Student, Kyoto University [Japan]

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Masters Student[Norway]

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PHD Student[Hong Kong]

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Professor [Norway]

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Assistant Professor[Thailand]

To work with the Taipei translation company Uni-edit has been of great benefit for our group and me personally. I appreciate the rapid editing, the preciseness of the editors and the detailed information on the corrections. I have taken advantage of e-mailing to ask about single phrases and was very pleased with the way things were handled and answered. Ozy is a very kind and helpful. Thank you very much.

T.Komiya, Professor Tokyo University [Japan]

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Assistant Professor,Shanghai University [China]

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Head of Department

In my opinion, reliable English manuscript editing can only be performed by native speakers. Therefore, I trust in Uni-edit which is both competent and rapid. Ozy can provide precious support for scientists whose mother tongue is not English.

S. Wuerzburg, Professor [Germany]

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Professor [Belgium]

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Associate Professor[Thailand]

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O. Borges, Associate Professor Coimbra University[Portugal]

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W.Hou, Professor ,National Taiwan Normal University [Taiwan]

Uni-edit is great about meeting deadlines and the work is very detail oriented. If English is not your first language, Uni-edit will help you get your papers published in peer reviewed journals with great grammar corrections.They also offer an English journal translation service which I think is very useful too.

K. Louis , Assistant, United States

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S.Chen Professor,National Taiwan University[Taiwan]

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S.Cheng, Associate Professor, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University [China]

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S.Lee, Professor, Seoul National University [Korea]

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G.Chang, Associate Professor [China]